Davies-Jackson Scholarship, 2006

Several years ago, I received the Davies-Jackson scholarship to study for two years at St. John's College, Cambridge University. I now live and work in Cambridge, on the World University Project
(Dec 2009).

I do not have enough thumbs to rate the Davies-Jackson Scholarship. The Affiliated BA at Cambridge gave me two wonderful years of flexible, guided opportunity with some of the sharpest, toughest to please, and nicest people in my field. Providing access to the best of undergraduate teaching and postgraduate life at Cambridge, under the encouragement of a caring scholarship committee, this program has turned my unlikely aspirations into achievable opportunities.

At the time, I was blogging heavily and lived a very public online life, so I wrote about it. This was a very efficient way to distribute the news, and my response.

Now that Google lists results here for the scholarship, it's more important to direct you to the scholarship page than show you what amounts to a semi-public letter for friends.

J. Nathan Matias