(the following is an edited version from 9 pages of handwritten notes. They are close equivalents to actual statements of Chalabi, but not verbatim. As such, they are only an approximation of his speech. The bullet points are to emphasize this. Anyone with corrections, please notify me and I will try to incorporate them.)

The Chalabi Plan:

  1. Give Iraqi security responsibility. Currently, it's not able to mobilize a battalion without asking permission of the coalition forces. This is a large barrier to autonomy, says Chalabi.
  2. Give Iraq authority over training and recruitment of security forces.
  3. Learn from the failure of Iraqi leadership to stand up to the occupiers. Iraq needs to take hold of the levers of power, but it cannot.
  4. Pursue development programs under strict scrutiny, hard work, and hlep from the US and UK through private channels.

[Here, Chalabi said that the oil for food program was a massive scandal on the part of the UN, and that he is proud of the role he and others in Iraq took to highlight and stop the corruption]

Chalabi suggested several handicaps to progress.

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