Background Music

You listen carefully to the sounds for a moment. Then the cognitive audio balance control kicks in, and you telepathically hear a list of options.

After you select your music, your brain fades back into reality, and you go »back where you came from.

You hear a voice in your head. It's not your own. It says:

What would you like to listen to as you explore No adventure is complete without background music! »Magnatune, a record label which isn't evil, has numerous audio streams suitable for your journey. Better yet, you don't have to sign up or pay to listen. With »Magnatune, each artist gets Internet marketing and 50% of all of the royalties. Magnatune allows listeners to try before they buy. »Open Music on Magnatune works!. »Musicians get paid and »listeners get satisfied.

Some Appropriate Cavern Adventuring Music..

  • Ehren Starks »"The Depths of a Year"
    • The Tale of Room 620 (good ambience)
    • Sunset in Pensacola
    • Dad's Song
    • Last Night Drive
    • Before I Was Gone (numerous stars)
    • Basement Corridor (how appropriate!)
    • It's Been a While
  • »Lutenist Edward Martin (everything!)
    • Art of the Lute in Renaissance France (album) (near-infinite stars)
    • Baroque Lute Duets
    • Luis Milan - El Maestro (Many stars)
    • Virtues and Vices (so so, don't care for many of the lyrics)
    • »Tobacco is Like Love (hilarious. Well worth it)
  • »Paul Berget, another lutenist (again, everything is good)
    • The Siena Manuscript on Renaissance Lute
    • The Siena Manuscript on Steel String Guitar (great comparison. I love it)
  • »Michael Masley's hammered dulcimer is probably a good choice for all you Myst fans.
    • Cymbalennium
    • Mystery Repeats Itself