The Lair Of The Jellicle Cat

There is a Jellicle cat dancing in front of you. It is trying to attract your attention so it may speak to you.

The music isn't from this cavern but comes from a nearby opening. The opening is small, but a big sound is coming out of it. You find yourself wondering if this cavern is from Galifrey.

To one side, you see a burrow leading to the entrance.

Next to it lies an oddly-humming poem in a gilded frame.

You wisely choose to walk toward the light to see if you can find this Bellicose Cat or whatever it's called.

As you travel down the passage, echoes of music joyfully bounce in-between the brightly-colored walls. Ever so carefully, you creep to the passage's opening.

Before the light blinds you, a dark shape dances in front of it.

Hi! says the shape to you.

You're not used to talking to shapes. Oh good. It's more than a shape. It's a small, black, white, merry, and bright cat with a cheerful face. Shapes might make you feel uneasy, but you're definitely not used to talking with bright-eyed, roly-poly cats.

Hi! he says again. I'm the resident Jellicle Cat. What's a Jellicle Cat? I'd tell you myself, but Mr. T.S. Eliot did a much better job. His poem about my family is over there on the wall. The cat points his finger at one of the walls, where a curiously humming plaque hangs at a precarious angle, as if by magic. At the moment, you're more curious to learn how a cat has a finger. The cat doesn't look like he'll be giving away any secrets, so you listen to the plaque hum for a while. The tune sounds vaguely familiar.

You see a list tacked to the wall. It reads: The Writings of The Rubber Paw. You look closely at it, and realize that it's just a small compilation of The Rubber Paw's favorite and recent writings.

»Caffeinate Your Hypertext: The result of a summer of informal hypertext studies, which kicked off the creation of these caverns.

I was worried you wouldn't wake up. Surfing on the open ocean can be dangerous. It's good to see you in one piece. You look cold. Have some cocoa. The cat hands you a steaming mug of chocolate, and you take a cautious sip. Wow. This cat knows his beverages.

You chat with the Jellicle cat for a few minutes, and your eyes quickly become accustomed to the light coming from the 'Natural Jelliclelight' moonlamp in the center of the room. What a room! The smooth, grey walls look as if they were carved by hand, at least where you can see the bare stone. The moonlight casts a warm glow in this uncannily cube-shaped room, illuminating a comfy, multicolored collage of loving brushstrokes. You notice the passage from which you emerged; several other passages lead to unknown wonders. A few small, colored burrows are lined up on one side.