The water is cold.

As you struggle to reach the surface, you chide yourself for riding your motorized surfboard into the open ocean. Gasping for breath, you reach the surface. Wave upon endless wave crashes upon you. Your board is nowhere to be seen. You cry out in despair, but there are no intelligent creatures for miles.

The cold seeps into your body bit by bit, wresting life from you with icy precision. You begin to hallucinate. As your body gets colder, your consciousness packs its bags. Just before it departs, you think see a small cat swimming toward you. What is a cat doing here? you wonder, but your mind is already gone. You lose consciousness and sink ino the ocean.

Time passes... It looks at you and shrugs.

You wake up. This is good news. To your delight, you are lying on solid ground. Well, it's not quite solid, but there will be time for observations later. You notice your pack is empty. You are in a small cavern; a few courageous rays of light from a nearby passage help you see dimly. You also hear faint sounds trickling into your cavern. Next to you lies what looks like a cheap travel brochure. You look at the cover...

The Mysterious Lair of The Rubber Paw (and his Jellicle Cats)

This booklet contains antimap magic. It is a map for those who know the way. If you want to find a specific part of the caverns, this map will open a portal for you. If this is your first journey, or if you want to have more fun, talk to the Jellicle Cat in the next cave. If you change your mind, you can always find an antimap in every chamber or passage.

Do you crawl to the next cave or open the book?