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In which I am a Promiscuous Linker
Saturday, 12 Mar 2005 :-:

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about 16th and 17th century women's clothing. The author of found such linking to be inspiring and promiscuous.

I must admit, however, that I do somewhat share Mark's mild annoyance that people forget to post their name on their weblog. I suspected that the person, who stated his/her college to be "outside of Philadelphia" had been to Swarthmore, but I had to dig further to find out the identity.

  • sigh* I really don't like having to dig like this. On one hand, I feel like I'm invading someone's privacy. On the other, all the information is publicly available and linked from the person's site. And he did call me a promiscuous linker.

But anyway, Scott Price has posted a hypertextual teaching portfolio and a number of other hypertexts online.

(odd note - my college's past president, Gerhard Spiegler, had a campaign to make Elizabethtown College into "The Swarthmore on the Susquehanna.")

Reading Scott's hypertexts reminded me how much the hatred of frames has affected people who do hypertext. When I set out to write a piece of hypertext, I don't even think about multiple windows or frames. This is odd, since they *are* a tool that is available, even if they do present some problems with control.

Tinderbox, by Eastgate, solves this problem by saving the state of the windows -- which are open, where they are on the screen, etc.. Hmm. I wonder if it would be possible to make a "bookmark" feature similar to the "remember" feature on GNU/Linux desktop systems. In GNOME and KDE, one can, as in Tinderbox, ask the system to remember all of your application windows and reopen them when you log in once more. But in Englightenment, one can store several of these sorts of states and return to them at will.

Right now window locations are stored in the Tinderbox XML entries as an attribute of the item represented in the window:

<attribute name="WindowPlace" >Rect[ 50 50 550 350 ] </attribute>

Building an interface that does bookmarks like this could be handled with a Nelson-like zipper list. It could be very handy for people who work using a large number of open notes and need to switch between sets of open notes.

Although, I must admit, the demand for this sort of feature may be small.