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"Comparing Spatial Hypertext Collections"
  ACM Hypertext '09
"Archiving and Sharing Your Tinderbox"
  Tinderbox Weekend London '09
"The Electronic Nature of Future Literatures"
  Literary Studies Now, Apr '09
"The World University Project"
  St. John's Col. Cambridge, Feb '09
"Ethical Explanations,"
  The New Knowledge Forge, Jun '08
Lecture, Cambridge University
  Tragedy in E-Lit, Nov '07
Hypertext '07: Tragedy in E-Lit
Host for Tinderbox Cambridge '07
Keynote: Dickinson State Uni Conf
Upper Midwest NCHC'07: Speaker
eNarrative 6: Creative Nonfiction
HT'05: "Philadelphia Fullerine"
  Nelson award winning paper
NCHC '05:
 Nurturing Independent Scholarship
Riddick Practicum:
  Building Meeting Good Will
NCHC '04:
  Philadelphia Fullerine
  Lecture on American Studies
WWW@10: Nonfiction on the Web
NCHC '03: Parliamentary Procedure
ELL '03 -- Gawain Superstar
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Chapter I: Born. Lived. Died.

There is a Chapter II.

Locale: Lancaster County Pa, USA

Lineage: Guatemala

Religion: My faith is the primary focus of my life, influencing each part of me. I have been forgiven, cleansed, and empowered by Jesus Christ. Without him, I am a very thoughtful, competent idiot. With him, I am all I need to be, all I could ever hope for. I oppose institutional religious stagnation, but getting together with others is a good idea. God is real. Jesus Christ is his Son, and the Bible is true. Faith is not human effort. It's human choice. I try to be the most listening, understanding, and generous person I can.

Interests: Anything I can learn. Training and experience in new media, computer science, anglophone literature, education, parliamentary debate, democratic procedure, sculpture, and trumpet performance. Next: applied & computational linguistics, probably.

Education: Private school K-3. Home educated 4-12. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Elizabethtown College in Jan 2006. As the 2006 Davies-Jackson Scholar, I studied English at St. John's College, Cambridge University from 2006 - 2008.

Memberships: Eden Baptist, Cambridge Union Society, ACM, AIP, GPA.

Alum of the Elizabethtown College Honors Program, sponsored by the Hershey Company.

The blessing of friends
Monday, 6 Dec 2004 :-:

Over the last few years of college life, I have been very blessed to meet a lot of nice people. This is a tribute to some of them.

Jonathan Matias, J. Nathan Matias, and William Berkheiser at the National Railroad Museum in Reading, PA

Who would I be without my family? Here, my brother, grandfather, and I pose at the National Railroad Museum in Reading, PA.

Floyd M. Riddick Parliamentary Procedure scholarship recipients, 2003

Fellow recipients of the Floyd M. Riddick Parliamentary Procedure Scholarship, summer 2003.

The Bainbridge Band

The marvelous Bainbridge Band.

Benjamin Osterhout

Benjamin Osterhout, a fellow honors student who is a business major and president of Etown's Circle K club. He may joke a lot, but he really cares. I appreciate him a whole lot. Ben is among the few quintessential honors students; I can't imagine Etown's honors program without picturing Ben.

Kyle Kopko is the Sun

Kyle Kopko, a fellow honors student studying political science, is just about the most efficient, thoughtful guy I know. Professional yet personable, Kyle will make a great professor or elected official. Furthermore, he has strong principles combined with good practical sense. Kyle, along with Sarah Robinson and I, is one of the co-chairs of Etown's Academic integrity committee.

Natasha Zabohonski

Tasha is an English honors student who went to New Orleans with the group. Very insightful, she can be a lot of fun to talk with. She organizes the college's open mike poetry nights.

Vicki Thomes and Kathleen Nicosia

Vicki and Kathleen are two of my favorite people. Both are music therapy students, planning to use their lives for the betterment of others. Kathleen was the honors club president for quite a while, though I got to know her in concert band. Vicki is a very close friend. She listens, she cares. I know no one who can be more sensitive and thoughtful toward the needs of others. This is partly because she knows God and cares for those He cares for.

Sam Stewart

Although I have known him a while, my cousin Sam just recently moved into the area. He's a good guy. Right now, he's really focused on his CPA exam, but that too will pass.

Brett Lojacono

Brett Lojacono has become a friend much more recently than many of these people. God has brought us together to study the Bible and do a bit of computer programming. I appreciate him for his willingness to learn from and obey God no matter what kind of challenges come along. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of his delightful fiancee, Jess.

Matthew Vollbrecht

Matt Vollbrecht, I miss you. Your life was a constant encouragement to me. You cannot see, but how you can see! God has done a great work in your life, Matt; you have challenged and encouraged me beyond what you might think. Thanks.

I was blessed to be able to attend Matt and Jessica's wedding. Both are awesome people, and the wedding was a real honor to God. Oooh! Life is so exciting, and marriage is one of the most exciting parts!

Sarah Pride

Sarah Pride (on the left, shown here with a past roommate) is one of my very closest friends. She's currently studying history in Virginia. God bless you, Sarah. You have encouraged me so much this past semester. I wish we weren't so busy and could spend more time together.

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Many people don't appear here. If you didn't, it's probably because I don't have a photo of you.